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stay in sunset park

( 2017 )

Stay in Sunset Park is a design proposal & research project completed as part of course work at Parsons School of Design Strategies. Stay in Sunset Park is a people-powered digital and itinerant campus that generates innovative, timely solutions to combat displacement and keep residents living, working, and thriving in Sunset Park. Not confined to one location, the campus fosters critical conversations and directs the energy of neighbors and their allies around New York City, toward residents' pressing questions and concerns. Project collaborators: Daniel Bieckmann, Rosella Soravia, Julianna Galvao.


organizer toolkit

Our concept included an online toolkit and website blueprint, generated through interviews with stakeholders, and ideation sessions with our design team.


the gazette

This proposal was published in the Sunset Park  Gazette, an original publication highlighting critical research and design proposals around themes of housing and cooperative economies in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

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