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Foundation Shift is a design research project in The Rockaways, Queens developed as part of studio coursework at Parsons School of Design. The project seeks to reframe natural disaster through a three-pronged approach of historical shift, policy shift, and cultural shift.

Collaborators: Alie Kilts, Anna Yulsman, Manon Vergerio, Isaac Green-Diebboll, Sarah Kontos

public faculty

We conducted a Public Faculty exercise in three locations in the Hammels-Arverne-Edgemere area. This involved  engaging passers-by in informal sidewalk conversations, and conducting a participatory mapping exercise. We developed a set of guiding questions and a mental mapping exercise to gather insights on how social cohesion and fragmentation is perceived, experienced, and spatialized in the Rockaways. On a printed map, we asked residents to identify the boundaries of their neighborhoods, as well as any social or physical physical barriers to connection and meaningful places. Our street conversations confirmed initial hypotheses we gathered through quantitative analysis and added more texture to our insights.

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Rockaway Urban Exploration (RUE)   is one of the project's core strategies. RUE is an augmented reality game made by, with, and for Rockaways residents that incites civic engagement & social connectivity through play. Co-designed with local youth, RUE situates young residents as current and future agents of change and stewards of local resilience.

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design process 

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