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who is the renaissance for?

( 2017 )


Action summit on art, development, and the future of Newark, New Jersey, inspired by the exhibit Who is the Renaissance For?  


Produced in partnership with {{LIPS}} and Lillian Ribeiro at the Gateway Project Spaces. Collaborators: Kevin Capuno (graphic design), Gillian Chisholm, Alie Kilts (photo/media).

generative participation

Participants were invited to respond to various prompts displayed throughout the exhibition space. This participation catalyzed both structured dialogue and informal discussion throughout the event. 


a public forum

Our team curated a panel and dialogue about development, displacement, and artistic practice in Newark. This was accompanied by performances by local artists, and a lively community forum. 


urban pedagogy

We worked with our client to create a trilingual educational zine about development, displacement, and the contested future visions of Newark. 

rennaissance zine.png
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