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climate of change 

( 2018 - PRESENT )

Climate of Change is a set of tools for facilitators to catalyze community visioning and popular education about climate justice in Washington, D.C. The tools were designed to be engaging, dynamic, and to offer a fresh, playful entry point to explore issues related to climate justice.

facilitation guide

The project consists of a set of interlocking tools which facilitators connect via a cycle of planning (field guide), facilitation (roadmap and cards), and sharing outcomes and connecting with other participants (website).

The facilitation guide is set up like a fold out road-map. It guides participants through a series of steps to host a visioning workshop about climate justice in D.C. When you unfold it flat, the front side lays out the steps, and the back side becomes a dynamic surface for drawing, mapping, and card play during the workshop. The full size is 27" by 36" when unfolded.

Climate of Change

game cards

A set of game cards for collaborative visioning, learning, & strategizing. The facilitation guide uses these cards as a tool during the 6th step of the methodology (Enact).



The website publicizes the project, documents the outcomes from workshops taking place in D.C., and also includes an interactive resource map which residents can add to. The facilitation tools are available for download on the website as well.


community workshops

I facilitated workshops in order to generate and test design ideas, and gain insights from frontline community members most directly impacted by the questions at the heart of the project.

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design process elements

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